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May 2, 2021
 An inside look at Israel’s new Cannabis farm

Israel's leading online financial news media visits CanBreed

April 20, 2021
 Israel's leading TV news channel, Channel 12 News, features CanBreed

Channel 12 News features 4-20 day by interviewing CanBreed's CEO about the company's achievement

April 19, 2021
Popular daily radio talk show, 91FM,  features CanBreed

A news segment in Margol's daily talk show on 91FM radio, features 4-20 day and focuses on CanBreed and its technology

April 18, 2021
 Israel's #1 printed newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, features CanBreed

Yediot's daily supplement "24 Hours" featured an article on 4-20 day and the status of Cannabis in Israel. The article focuses on CanBreed and its disruptive technology

March 30, 2021
 San Diego County-based hemp farm receives cultivation and breeding license

CanBreed Farms Inc, CanBreed's fully owned US corporation, received a Hemp license which enables CanBreed to produce and sell its Hemp seeds in the USA

March 23, 2021
 Marijuana Venture, the #1 marijuana business magazine, features CanBreed in its April issue

CanBreed's vision and journey to being the first to achieve stable seeds and precision breeding are reported by the Magazine

Feb 23, 2021
MJbizdaily, a leading cannabis magazine, features CRISPR technology as the future of Cannabis cultivation

According to MJbizdaily genetic editing offers marijuana and hemp companies a way to improve plant strains. CanBreed is featured in the magazine's article, as one of the 2 companies developing such solutions

Feb 15, 2021
 CanBreed expands its facility and opens a cannabis farm dedicated only for R&D and production of stable cannabis seeds

Israeli genetic seeds company CanBreed completed the construction of one of the largest fully licensed cannabis seed research, breeding, and seed production farms in Israel

Feb 14, 2021
 CanBreed is recruiting more commercial growers for pilot study of its seeds

CanBreed recently expanded its pilot program for testing its new F1 stable and uniform hybrid varieties (seeds).
If you are a licensed producer in Israel, please contact us directly for enrollment

Jan 26, 2021
 Israel's leading Cannabis Magazine's weekly video discusses CanBreed

CanBreed's achievement in developing the first fully stable cannabis seeds and its potential impact is exhibited.
Jump to 2:56 min in the video

Jan 06, 2021
CanBreed's  subsidiary company, BetterSeeds, accepted to CRISPR-IL

CRISPR-IL is a prestigious research consortium composed of leading genetics companies working together to improve CRISPR technology 

Jan 04, 2021
CanBreed achieves another important milestone

Dope Magazine features CanBreed's achievement in developing the world’s first fully stable and genetically uniform cannabis hybrid seeds 

Dec 9, 2020
Installation of the first and only Cannabis seeds extractor and sorter in Israel

CanBreed is getting closer to commercializing stable seeds: installed the first and only cannabis seeds extraction and sorting machine in Israel

Dec 02, 2020
CanBreed acquires a Hemp farm in the USA

CanBreed's acquisition of a Hemp seeds farm in San Diego is featured by leading hemp industry magazine- Hemp Industry Daily

Nov 29, 2020
CanBreed is getting noticed

CanBreed achievement in gene editing the cannabis plant is capturing the attention of cannabis and plant genetics magazines world wide

Nov 25, 2020
The importance of cannabis gene editing for the cannabis industry

CanBreed's CEO is interviewed by a leading cannabis magazine - MMJDaily 

Nov 24, 2020
CanBreed buys California Hemp farm 

CanBreed announces the acquisition of a Hemp seeds production farm in San Diego

Nov 11, 2020
Israeli Scientists Just Figured Out How to Make Weed Resistant to Powdery Mildew 

CanBreed's achievement in gene editing Cannabis gets attention from numerous leading Cannabis and Plant genetics magazines 

Nov 11, 2020
 Israeli startup says it has edited cannabis plant gene to resist fungus

CanBreed hits another important milestone: Successful gene editing of Cannabis by using CRISPR-Cas9

Oct 23, 2020
How Technology is Shaping and Reshaping CBD Industry

CanBreed is mentioned in an article in the Union Journal about technologies shaping Hemp

Oct 22, 2020
 CanBreed completes another successful investment round led by Smart-Agro VC 

The investment of Smart Agro in CanBreed led to excess demand  in the fund's IPO on the TASE   

Sep 4, 2020
Israeli Startup Genetically Editing Cannabis Seeds: What Should We Expect?

CanBreed is mentioned in DOPE - a leading Cannabis magazine.

Sep 2, 2020
CanBreed secures patent for editing medical cannabis seeds

CanBreed is featured in Israel's leading online financial news media 

Aug 30, 2020
First CRISPR license in the Cannabis industry

CanBreed reaches an important milestone of signing a commercial license for CRISPR-Cas9 technology

Aug 23, 2020
5 Top Cannabis Startups Impacting The Agriculture Industry 

CanBreed is selected as one of the top 5 innovative Cannabis companies in the world

Aug 16, 2020
Meeting between Israeli Seeds Union and Minister of Agriculture

CanBreed's CEO represents the Israeli Cannabis Seeds producers at  a meeting between the management of the Israeli Seeds Union and  the Israeli Minister of Agriculture

Jan 21, 2020
Local Cannabis market dreaming that 2020 will bring the big change

CanBreed's CEO, Mr. Ido Margalit, is featured in Israel's leading online financial news media in an article about Israel's Cannabis business outlook for 2020

Jan 14, 2020
Agro-IP Conference

Come watch us present at the Agro-IP conference in Tel Aviv at 20/1/20

Jan 13, 2020
Seeds Division at Israeli Chamber of Commerce

CanBreed is the founding member of the Cannabis Seeds Forum at the Israeli Seeds Producers Union  


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