The Perfect Seed

Our technology offers a solution to both the growers and users of Cannabis and Hemp

The main weaknesses in Cannabis and Hemp cultivation:

  • The absence of uniform and improved Cannabis and Hemp genetics that have been developed and adapted for mass-scale cultivation; and  
  • The growers’ reliance on plant cuttings instead of using stable and enhanced seeds.
  • Growers are facing decreasing Cannabis prices as both demand and supply increases, while Cannabis and Hemp growing costs (at best) remain unchanged; and
  • Cannabis industry, including patients and recreational consumers, have only access to inconsistent products and do not enjoy the full benefit of Cannabis. 

Our Unique Solution

  1. YieldMax -  CanBreed’s patented genetic-trait platform, YieldMax contains all of the agronomic traits growers need in their plants to ensure consistent, high-quality and low-cost production at significant scale. YieldMax is in all the seeds sold by CanBreed; and
  2. The Perfect Seed -  CanBreed's F1 Hybrid seeds are unique, as they are 100% uniform, stable and identical, thus ensuring the standardization and high quality of Cannabis raw material that the industry needs (unlike the genetically unstable and non-uniform seeds currently offered in the market). 

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