The Company

Founded in 2017, CanBreed is a leader in perfecting Cannabis and Hemp genetics thus providing growers with genetically superior seeds, which ensure standardized, high-quality Cannabis and Hemp raw material for the industry while ensuring profitability and consistency of cultivation operations for the growers. 

CanBreed's site in Israel is comprised of a 12,000 sqf facility that includes offices, R&D labs, a seeds testing and processing facility and in addition a 45,000 sqf farm  - the biggest Cannabis trialing and seeds production facility in Israel. In addition, CanBreed's fully owned subsidiary company in the USA operates a 140,000 sqf Hemp seeds production farm for the US market.

CanBreed's team of professionals are led by top notch plant scientists and seed industry professionals from Syngenta, the Volcani Institute and the Faculty of Agriculture (Hebrew University). 

CanBreed is a pioneer in both developing the first ever fully stable and uniform Cannabis seeds and applying in Cannabis the breakthrough new breeding technology based on CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing that enables development of the much needed unique agronomical traits in Cannabis.

With this unique combination of capabilities CanBreed is able to offer growers top-quality 100% stable Cannabis and Hemp seeds which solve their cultivation challenges in addition to finally enabling the production of uniform and consistent Cannabis and Hemp raw material for the entire industry.

Our Awesome Team

Our team of molecular biologists, tissue culturists, agronomists, breeders and seeds production experts


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